About Me

I just added the long story here. Short story is I dealt with some health issues over a year ago, became depressed and sedentary. As I began healing I vowed to never take my good health for granted again. Since I started bodyweight training three months ago, I have established a solid routine. I have missed only one workout and that was due to feeling ill. That is a pretty good record for me. I have a hard time switching gears. I’m slow to make changes. It’s when I’ve tried to make sudden, big changes that I have failed. Slow and steady works for me. I like to dip my toe into the water and slowly work the rest of me in. Some people dive in head first. That’s not me. I would jump out and say, “that was unpleasant and I’m not doing it again.”

I have an advantage though. My husband has been an inspiration. We both decided to make some health changes at the same time. He’s more of a dive-in kind of guy. He has embarked on a bodybuilding journey as well. He has studied and researched and shared so much helpful information with me. He has encouraged me, coached me, and pushed me (though gently because he knows I’ll resist if pushed too hard). We work together to help each other realize our visions. I buy and prepare the meals so I try to make what he needs to support his gains and goals. Fortunately, we are both on similar paths so it’s that much easier. On the weekends we are able to train together. It’s not easy for some couples to do this, as I have heard and witnessed. Egos get in the way and it’s not conducive to a supportive training atmosphere.

We are fortunate and perhaps our backgrounds contribute to that. He has trained in martial arts for about 30 years. He has coached many and he is excellent. I was a personal trainer for a short time and experienced the ego trips in the gym more than I care to recall. We understand the training mindset and the trainee mindset. We are not competing with each other, we are supporting each other. We want the other to succeed and will help as much as possible.

I have much to share with you and I would love to hear your stories and questions!




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