Say Cheese! Progression Photos

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I strongly encourage you to take photos of yourself before you begin your fitness program. Like me, you may not want to. You will feel self-conscious or maybe ashamed. You will be very critical of your appearance and you may not want anyone else to take the photo. That’s OK. Take a selfie in the mirror. You’re not sharing this with anyone. It’s for you records. In a few weeks, take another and continue to as often as you’d like. But you should consider that you may want to share them after you’ve progressed so keep that in mind.

I didn’t want to take photos and I took some that I thought I would never share with anyone. After I saw some big changes, I shared them with my husband. He was amazed, as I was, with the progress. The photos are important because the changes happen gradually and you may not be aware of just how much you have transformed. They can be very inspiring, encouraging, and motivating.

I do not intend to share my photos from earlier. However, for my next program I will have  some before and after shots and will likely share them here.

Suggestions for photos: take a frontal shot, a profile with arm up so you can get view of the backside too, and a back photo.

These tips target bodybuilding poses but they can be applied to whatever fitness goals you have.

Bodybuilding progress pictures


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