7 Day Detox and Primer


I finished the Mi40 program Friday. I had a couple of “free” days Friday and Saturday and was feeling it Sunday. It doesn’t take much indiscretion for me to feel less than optimal the following day. This is a good lesson and one to remember. Sunday I started a seven day detox following along with the Mi40X. I am also following the Mi40X primer before I begin Cory Gregory’s 16 Week Get Swole program. My husband is going to continue with the Mi40X.

The detox is a great way to re-set the gut to improve digestion and prepare it for the next phase so that I am benefiting from max nutrient absorption. I am consuming fresh greens, green super foods, lemon water, brown rice and lean protein; no dairy, no bread, no nut butters, no processed foods. My main protein sources are True Nutrition Pea Protein, eggs, tempeh, and locally sourced chicken. I consume a mostly vegetarian diet however I baked some chicken that we bought from a local farm and it was quite tasty so I chopped some up and added it to my salad for dinner. My husband had to find an alternative to his whey protein for the week and has been using Paleo Protein Egg White Protein.

The primer is designed to begin to teach the body and brain to re-wire current patterns of movement and replace them with the optimal ones for symmetrical growth and maximal muscle stimulus. I have adjusted my goals by decreasing my calories to a maintenance level and adjusted macros accordingly.

A note from the Mi40: Two weeks ago, due to lack of growth, I increased my calories by 400 per day, increased protein, and adjusted carbs and fats accordingly. This weekend I showed muscle growth and fat loss! This would indicate that I was previously in a maintenance state, which is not where I want to be right now. Ladies, if you want muscle growth, you must eat! You will lose some fat along the way but building muscle and shaping the body is the main focus at this time.

I am looking forward to a week of very clean eating. As we move into Spring, this is a perfect time to do a detox. I have also scheduled a massage at the end of the week. What a great way to wind down detox and prepare for Get Swole!


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