Get Swole Begins!


I started Sunday instead of Monday. My first workout was chest and back and it was a great workout! With higher reps and more sets I use a little lighter weight but enough so that I’m having to work to get those last couple of reps out (failure is ideal). I was able to focus on the muscle group being worked and maintain good form.

The week of detox and primer was not a fun week. The diet got old fast. Going to the gym and not working hard was also challenging. I think that is one of the reasons why Sunday’s workout felt so good. I had missed that pumped feeling, the burn. I feel like this program is going to be incredibly transformational for me.

Before I began, I took some pics: front, profile, and back. I added a “stat” box to my training sheets and the photos. Every week I will take measurements and new photos and add those. I believe documentation such as this is a tremendously beneficial aid to stay focused, inspired, and motivated.


I was browsing through some of my photos that I took in November, then early January, and then just a month ago. The change is amazing!

Here’s the thing, my weight has not changed too much. I have had about a seven pound loss, but if you were to see my “before” pics compared to me now you would think that I had lost a bunch of weight. I have lost a lot of fat and I have gained a lot of muscle therefore the scale doesn’t change much. The measurements have. I log tape measurements as well as caliper measurements. Those have changed drastically in the last few months and obviously my overall appearance has as well.

The first phase of this program has me training four days and resting three. My “resting” days, however, will contain cardio, core work, yoga, and one “free” lifting day. Those are not part of the program but elements that I am adding. Ideally, I am supposed to be really resting but that sounds like no fun. 😉 These rest days are great opportunities for me to work on others areas as it is difficult to fit it all in during regular training days.

I am really excited about reaching new goals with this program and sharing my progress with you.


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